What I do... "I Help Businesses of all Sizes to Develop Better Business Models & Products Without Wasting Time, Money & Effort". Practices... Lean Startup | JTBD | OKRs | Testing Business Ideas | Business Model Design | Idea Generation | Business Strategy My passion is working with startups and early-stage product teams to develop new business models, derisk their ideas and help them progress and reach their aims growth aims. But who am I?... I'm an MBA qualified Forbes business contributor, co-author of the book "Online Innovation", Strategy & Innovation Consultant. My practice has been shaped by working with great people & thought leaders throughout the years and having a great network of seasoned innovators and strategists, for which I have learnt so much. I also have over 20 years of experience in product management in global organisations, helping organisations to manage complex relationships strategically and drive business change. I am a member of the Association of Business Mentors, a fellow of the Institute of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange, and MBAs. My agency, Visualise Solutions, is a strategy & innovation agency based in the heart of the UK, and we work with clients all over the world. We help startups and established businesses bring their ideas to life and set objectives through strategy, tactics and coaching. So if you are interested in derisking your startup idea, designing a new business model or developing a new strategy, let's chat! Email me at andrew.constable@visualisesolutions.co.uk, send me a DM or visit www.visualisesolutions.co.uk Take the Startup Scorecard - Do You Feel Lost In The Startup Journey? https://businessstartup.scoreapp.com Take the OKR Scorecard - Promote focus, exceptional performance, and growth https://okr-scorecard.scoreapp.com