The Key Mindsets of the 21st Century Entrepreneur

Andrew Constable MBA, LSSBB
6 min readApr 19, 2021

Watch any film about a successful entrepreneur and one thing strikes you right away, they are focused, have a strong belief, and are outcome-driven. So how, as an aspiring entrepreneur do you build this capability? Are they born like this, have they developed this, or is it a bit of both?

Key Mindsets

This is a question I have explored throughout my career and feel this is something that can be developed throughout your life with the right training and having the correct attitude. We are born with unique gifts and talents, all of us have something we can share with the world but often what inhibits our greatness is not having the appropriate mindset to accomplish what we want. It’s our mindset that determines our thinking and our thinking determines the actions we take. Therefore, it is the actions that unlock our true greatness and our mindset is the precursor for the actions we take.

Change of Approach

Typically, when an entrepreneur wishes to improve or ensure the success of their efforts, they first think of learning to write a business plan, create a new product, establish or improve a sales system and so on. Although these skills and strategies are essential, the skillset that needs to expand to achieve results in the 21st century is very different at the start of your journey. To have a successful business you need more than an audience, product range, and a plan, you need the right entrepreneurial mindset to see opportunities, creativity, innovation to turn ideas in your head into a successful product.

Successful entrepreneurs believe in their ability to succeed. They believe in themselves, in their businesses, and in their products or services. Most of all, they understand the power of beliefs to determine what they will or will not do, what they will or will not notice, and the actions they will or will not take.

If there is one key trait of a successful entrepreneurial mindset, it is the ability to direct one’s focus, to put time, energy, and attention toward what will help build the business and mitigate whatever will hold it back. Successful entrepreneurs focus on three things. First, they look for opportunities where others see only obstacles. Second, successful entrepreneurs focus with laser-like precision on the goal they…

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